Game Review: The Beginner’s Guide

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As is the case for all game reviews on this blog, this review is intended for people who have played the game. As such, it contains spoilers. You’ve been warned!

I haven’t written a game review in a long time, and that’s mainly because I’ve been slow to complete new titles recently. But I wanted to write this review if only to push back against some weird misinterpretations of the game that I’ve seen floating around.

On Friday afternoon, I posted a comment to the A.V. Club’s Gameological section asking what games fellow commenters would redesign from the ground up. By sheer coincidence, later that day, I played The Beginner’s Guide and realized that it would fit well in that category. It’s tempting to play the part of backseat game designer when reviewing a game, and since I’m not a professional reviewer, I’m going to give into that temptation. The Beginner’s Guide has a kernel of a good idea in it, but it’s utterly misguided in execution and needs to be redesigned from the ground up. More

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