I’ve never felt compelled to watch Jackass or Kenny vs. Spenny. Watching people do moronic things on purpose for extended periods of time isn’t my idea of entertainment. (By contrast, Wipeout involves people who think that they’re doing awesome things but are really making fools of themselves; it’s a whole different ball game.)  However, there are times when I just want to watch idiocy at its finest, if only to feel better about my own lack of talent. That’s where the magic of online videos comes in. A delightful little clip follows after the jump.

Ouch. I don’t know what inspired that baseball-cap-wearing buffoon to think that exploding an airbag under the chair on which he was sitting was a good idea, but I’m amused at his pain.

Next up, it’s time to laugh at this kid:

The slow motion replay at the end of that video almost makes it funnier.

Sometimes I wonder how these things end up on the Internet. It’s not as if they’re juicy like celebrity sex tapes. They’re not even particularly good. It can’t be that these things get uploaded without the victims’ knowledge. Eventually, they’ll find out, and when they do, they’ll sue; Americans are pretty litigious. I can’t chalk it up to drug use, because then everybody would look like this:

So my conclusion? Some people are just plain stupid. I don’t mean stupid in an I-can’t-do-integral-calculus way. Some people have no common sense whatsoever. Some people see no potential danger for their genitalia when a supplemental restraint system is inflated under their groins. Some people underestimate the amount of time that they’ve wasted on their couches playing Grand Theft Auto and eating Cheetos, so they attempt to jump over brooks with hilarious results. And some people squander their free time watching stupid videos on the web.

Heck, it’s the Internet. You can’t win.