“It’s a double rainbow all the way.”
– Stoned guy from that stupid double rainbow video

You’ve seen someone get high before. (If you haven’t, go do it now.) You watch them slowly start to make less and less sense, as they laugh more and get hungrier. Apparently, they also like to videotape themselves doing stupid things whilst under the influence of such substances.

Here’s the aforementioned double rainbow video:

I don’t know how anybody, high or not, can prattle on about rainbows for three-and-a-half minutes, especially about double rainbows. As Wikipedia can explain, all rainbows are double rainbows, dumbass. What that nincompoop saw was totally, completely normal. But I suppose that when you’re high, even normal things look awesome.

Sometimes people on drugs aren’t fascinated by rainbows. Sometimes their friends record them while they embarrass themselves with an acid-induced rant about nothing:

I don’t have a clue what this guy is talking about. Hey, if you’re going to get high, maybe you should ponder some philosophical stuff, like why it’s okay to laugh at gonorrhea and syphilis but not okay to laugh at HPV and AIDS. Is it because acronyms make everything sound more serious? These are the things I think about when I’m taking a particularly long shit. Think of an acid trip as a particularly long shit: time to think about things that you wouldn’t otherwise think about. Of course, getting high on acid is different from toking up. People who do acid just want to trip balls and flip shit. People who smoke pot just want to eat meatballs and make everything smell like shit. If any deep thought happens, it’s purely coincidence.

Unfortunately, the drug-fuelled Youtube video trend doesn’t end with stupid adults. There are parents who are moronic enough to film their children suffering through an anaesthesia-induced haze:

I weep for America when I think of parents like the one this kid has. He’s going to have a fuckload of issues when he grows up.

In keeping with the theme of weird videos of people coming off anaesthesia, I bring you Unicorn Girl:

Yes, even teenagers will screw over their teenage friends in an attempt to get more Youtube hits. I’m glad that I didn’t have to put up with this shit when I was younger.

So there you have it: drugs drugs drugs. Some legal, some not. In a way, I’m thankful for drugs. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have all these morons fucking themselves up and filming it for our enjoyment. We truly live in the Golden Age of social media. What would do to entertain ourselves if it weren’t for drugs and Youtube? Read books? Play sports? Have conversations? Knit sweaters? Fuck prostitutes? Thank God we don’t have to do any of that shit anymore.