As I’ve been saying for a while, I’m going to be starting on a Chuck rewatch project. I’ll be watching the entire series from start to finish and commenting on each episode. If you haven’t seen Chuck yet, here’s your chance to experience the magic for the first time while I relive it. (And if you’re not watching Chuck, you really should.)

Now that I’ve gotten the intro out of the way, here’s a disclaimer about the rewatch project:

  • My commentaries won’t be intended as episode reviews. They will just be my thoughts and musings on the episodes.
  • I’m going to be positive and analytical, not critical or condemnatory. I’ve spent enough time dissecting and picking apart this show on other discussion forums. I have no desire to do it here.
  • That being said, if for some weird reason I’ve tricked you into thinking that reading my blog is a good idea, you can be as negative as you want in the comments. If the 3D episode gave your aunt lupus, please feel free to share. (My apologies to anyone whose aunt actually does have lupus.)
  • However, if you disparage my commentary for being too one-sided and not critical enough, I will mock you. That would just show me that you didn’t read this disclaimer. (I swear it’s not just because I have a huge ego.)

Alright, first up: where it all began – the pilot episode. Stay tuned.