“Dinner with you and Morgan. I’d rather Afghani warlords bleed me from my liver.”
– Casey

Chuck is about family and friendship. Both involve being there for the people you love, even when, like Morgan, they’re being dorky and incompetent. But Chuck is about to find out that his new spy life is going to make doing that difficult.

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the disclaimer.

Morgan is last in the Buy More sales competition. He needs Chuck to help him with his sales technique. Ellie is organizing the Bartowskis’ October version of Mothers’ Day. (More on that later.) She just needs Chuck to be there. But, as is to be expected, national security gets in the way. A Chinese spy named Mei-Ling has gone off grid to rescue her brother because the Chinese government refused to intervene. Chuck, understanding how important family is to Mei-Ling, agrees to help her.

Unfortunately, the mission doesn’t go according to plan. Casey, Sarah, and Mei-Ling are kidnapped. Though Chuck manages to rescue them, their capture makes Chuck miss out on helping Morgan and attending Mothers’ Day with Ellie. Neither of them is pleased. Juggling two lives is difficult. Dishonesty doesn’t come easily to Chuck, and his lies are hilarious; he ends up telling Ellie that Casey is a hunter and that Sarah has a spastic colon.

But there’s a silver lining to all of this: Morgan and Ellie bond over a “I miss Chuck” moment. Chuck and Ellie agree to postpone Mothers’ Day until the following evening, and Ellie decides to invite Sarah, bringing her into the fold. But Sarah doesn’t know what Mothers’ Day is all about, so Chuck explains: it’s the day when his mother left him and Ellie, and since their father was never really around, it marks the day when he and Ellie had to start relying on each other. Now Sarah understands the importance of friends and family in Chuck’s life. What remains to be seen is the role that they will play in hers.

Since this episode and episode 4 aired out of order, I’ll be taking a look at “Chuck Versus the Wookiee” next.