“She’s too good for this store. Is there a nicer establishment where beautiful people can shop?”
– Lester

Carina is a wildcard. Any time the sexy DEA agent breezes through town, trouble is sure to follow. By the end of the episode, she has gotten Casey stripped down to his underwear, made out with Morgan, and sparked a fight between Chuck and Sarah. She sounds like a human tornado.

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the disclaimer.

Let’s zero in on Casey and Morgan for a second. Each one succumbs to Carina’s feminine charm. It’s not the first time for Casey. Apparently, it happened before in Prague too. As for Morgan:

“Chuck, how are you supposed to get any female friction action with him third-wheeling you all the time?”
– Lester

Morgan is a loser. Everyone knows it. Morgan himself admits that he’s a third wheel in this episode. So when Sarah sets him and Carina up on a date to maintain Chuck’s cover, Carina uses it as an opportunity to give the bearded elf a thrill.

Sure, all of this sounds a little silly, but there’s a bigger point here. “Chuck Versus the Tango” introduced us to the idea that a little light flirting can go a long way in the spy game. But Carina takes it one step further. She uses her sexuality as a tool. Sex can be just another means to an end. That’s frightening stuff.

But Sarah isn’t like Carina. No, Sarah can develop emotional attachments. She’s still coping with Bryce’s death. The last thing Sarah needs to happen is Carina revealing that Sarah used to be involved with Chuck’s old nemesis in a capacity that went quite a bit beyond partnership. Trust Carina to do exactly what Sarah doesn’t want.

And thus the can of worms is opened. Not only does Chuck realize how much Sarah has been lying to him, he begins to believe that Sarah is living a lie. In his eyes, Sarah Walker is just another cover, just another assignment, and he’ll never know anything real about the woman behind the mask.

“When you’re undercover, you’re still you, but the details are different.”
– Sarah

But there’s hope for Chuck and Sarah. Chuck would do well to listen to Sarah’s words. Even though Sarah won’t reveal her real name or any details of her past to Chuck, possibly due to professional obligations or personal embarrassment, “Sarah Walker” might be more real than Chuck thinks.

Since this episode and S1E05 aired out of order, I’ll be taking a look at “Chuck Versus the Sandworm” next.