“He had me at pastrami.”
– Deli employee

According to Sarah, Chuck is “a reasonably charming guy.” According to Chuck, Sarah is a “beautiful CIA agent.” Why aren’t these crazy kids together yet? No one knows.

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the disclaimer.

The plot of “Imported Hard Salami” is your standard love triangle + jealousy + misunderstandings plot, and there are much more extensive and detailed analyses of character motivations than I could ever hope to write posted elsewhere on the Internet. For those reasons, I’m going to focus on humour, which I haven’t done yet; I think that I’m making Chuck sound like much more of a serious drama than it is.

“No sauce, no toppings. It’s nothing but pure cheese. It’s called ‘The Loser.’ ”
– Jeff

The Anna/Morgan romance subplot provides most of this episode’s laughs. Morgan’s reasons for wanting to be with Anna are pitifully hilarious. He wants to be with someone just because Chuck has a girlfriend. (Morgan isn’t great with logic.) So of course, he jumps on the idea that Anna prefers him to Jeff and tries to make out with Anna. It doesn’t go over so well. But by the end of the episode, Anna realizes that Morgan is a good guy at heart, and the two of them begin a relationship. (Or maybe Anna just finds Morgan’s Call of Duty 4 skills really sexy. That chick is into some weird stuff.)

“Now shut up; you’re sucking up all the air.”
– Sarah

Even though most of the laughs in this episode come from the B-plot, the A-plot of this episode isn’t all drama drama drama. There are lots of funny moments, most notably Sarah pretending to cry after her conversation with Chuck in the home theatre room, Lester trying to romance Sarah and then getting freaked out when she comes on too strong, and Chuck and Sarah bickering in the trunk of Stavros’ car.

Chuck is funny. You probably didn’t need me to tell you that. But sometimes it pays to remember that Chuck is a comedy. Getting back to the question at the start of this post, why aren’t Chuck and Sarah together yet? I don’t know, but as long as the show is funny, who cares?