– Jeff

“Chuck Versus the Nemesis” is about chaos. Thanksgiving and Black Friday are fast approaching, Morgan and Anna just started a new relationship, Chuck and Sarah shared a kiss in what they thought was the final moments of their life…and oh yeah, Bryce is back from the dead. (Well, he never really died – he was just rescued from the brink of death – but it sounds more dramatic if I say it that way.) Chuck has a lot of questions for Bryce, but Bryce has just as many for Chuck.

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the disclaimer.

Chuck wants to know how Bryce is alive and why Bryce sent him the Intersect. Bryce wants to know all about how the Intersect in Chuck’s head works. By the end of the episode, both of them have the answers that they seek. Bryce sent Chuck the Intersect because he was recruited by a rogue group of spies called Fulcrum, but he didn’t know that they were rogue and seeking to steal the Intersect for their own use. And Chuck tells Bryce that Intersect works by instant recall, through flashes on names, sounds, and images.

“I’m thankful that Bryce Larkin is dead and is not currently in my bedroom making out with my new girlfriend.”
– Chuck

I said earlier that “Nemesis” is about chaos. That idea is best exemplified by two key scenes. The first is the Thanksgiving dinner. There’s so much going on at once in this scene that it’s almost dizzying. There’s an awkward quasi-love-triangle between Ellie, Morgan, and Anna. Devon and Casey are discussing water sports. Chuck is trying to surreptitiously tell Sarah that Bryce is in his bedroom. Then it all explodes. Sarah kisses Bryce. Anna yells and walks out of the apartment. Casey scares Bryce off. And Ellie and Devon are left wondering what the hell happened. This is one of the most memorable scenes of the series, at once hilarious and dramatic.

The second chaotic scene is the Black Friday agent transfer and the subsequent evacuation of the Buy More. Morgan carrying Anna out of the Buy More despite her protests never fails to make to me smile. After the shootout begins, Bryce and Sarah have an incredible fight scene, kicking bad guy butt in tandem.

And then, once the dust has settled, Bryce has to leave. But like a tornado, he has left a trail of debris in his wake. He gives Sarah a cryptic message about Omaha, which, as Casey explains to Chuck, is probably a code phrase for a meet-up point. At the end of the episode, Sarah has packed her belongings and is poised to leave Burbank behind, but then her cell phone rings. It’s Chuck. As she’s about to pick it up, her room phone rings. It’s Bryce. Sarah has a tough choice to make, but is it a choice between adventure and duty, or a choice between two men? We’ll see what happens in the next episode.