“Do you want to go on a date some time?”
– Chuck

Chuck Bartowski is growing up. He wants to get out of the Buy More and do something with his life. He has also finally gotten the stones to ask his unbelievably attractive CIA handler, Sarah, on a real date. She accepts, and with the new Intersect nearing completion and Chuck thinking that he can go back to his normal life, things are looking up for Mr. Bartowski. Of course, this is Chuck, and things are never that simple. The CIA and the NSA can’t have a human Intersect walking around Los Angeles getting into trouble. For the good of the country, John Casey must assassinate Chuck Bartowski.

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the disclaimer.

“Chuck served his country with honour. Maybe he even has potential as an analyst for the organization.”
– Casey

Casey is first and foremost a man of duty. But even the normally tough NSA hitman has developed a soft spot for Chuck. After all, it seems unfair to kill an innocent man just because he has was saddled with a burden for which he didn’t ask. However, Casey is a good soldier, and good soldiers always follow orders. With a heavy heart, he prepares to make the kill.

Chuck and Sarah are blissfully unaware of all of this. They’re about to get all kissy-kissy on their date when they’re interrupted by Mr. Colt’s arrival. Those two crazy kids just can’t seem to make it work, can they? Mr. Colt’s men have managed to steal an important part of the new Intersect, called the Cipher, and Team Bartowski has to get it back.

Mr. Colt wants to eliminate Chuck, Sarah, and Casey, so he lures Chuck to a warehouse. The old Chuck would have retreated in fear, but like I said earlier, Chuck is growing up. He adopts his Carmichael spy persona and manages to trick Mr. Colt into thinking that he has walked into a trap. The plan works for a while, and Chuck runs, but Mr. Colt manages to corner him. Chuck might now be more confident, but he hasn’t magically developed the ability to kick the asses of people twice his size. Mr. Colt drops him off a roof, Casey catches him before he hits the ground, Sarah thinks that he is dead, and a fight ensues. However, Mr. Colt’s men outnumber Sarah and Casey. They’re about to surrender when Chuck – or should I say Charles Carmichael – arrives with a SWAT team to Sarah’s visible relief. Thus, the day is saved.

“You have many skills, Chuck, but the kitchen is not one of them.”
– Ellie

Yes, Chuck is more confident now. He is better at maintaining his composure under tense situations. But he can’t cook, so he uses Hamburger Helper to prepare dinner for his rescheduled date with Sarah. When Casey enters the apartment to kill Chuck, he overhears Chuck rehearsing what he is going to say to Sarah: Chuck wants to take a Eurorail trip with her. In that moment, Casey realizes that he can’t take the life of an innocent young man in love with so much potential. It would be too cruel. However, he doesn’t have to follow through on his orders anymore; Sarah arrives with some news: the new Intersect has been destroyed due to sabotage. Chuck thinks that the news is devastating, but it couldn’t be better; he gets to keep his life, and Casey gets to move on as if nothing has happened.

You might be wondering why the government wouldn’t just throw Chuck in a bunker instead of killing him. You might also be wondering how the bad guys knew where Chuck and Sarah would be going for a date, why the assistant manager position remained unfilled for more than half a year, or how the bad guys were able to locate Casey’s apartment. Don’t think about it too hard. Sure, none of it makes sense, but it’s all in good fun. After all:

Chuck: “The thing is, I kinda sorta work for the CIA and the NSA in my off hours when I’m not working at the store. This is kind of a second job for me. And though I don’t look it, being lanky of build, you should know that I am probably the most important intelligence asset in the world.”

Mr. Colt: “That is the single dumbest story I’ve ever heard.”

I agree, Mr. Colt. I agree.