“I want Anna wearing a hula skirt, fanning me with a palm frond.”
– Jeff

Like “Chuck Versus the Marlin,” “Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer” opens with boobs. When that happens, you know that you’re in for a fun ride. “Tom Sawyer” is my favourite episode of the series, and I lack the ability to write coherently about this massive geekgasm, so I’m just going to list some of the things about it that made me happy (and not necessarily in chronological order).

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the disclaimer.

  • Missile Command!!!
  • Jeff’s old haircut
  • Ellie thinking that Chuck is on drugs
  • Sarah in the Nerd Herd outfit
  • Chuck finally receiving the Stanford diploma he deserves, while “Sleepdriving” by Grand Archives plays in the background
  • Anna in a hula skirt
  • “Why don’t you go help some old lady log on to AOL?”
  • The Anna music video
  • Chuck’s fake gallstones
  • The lead-up to the video game showcase, set to “The Touch” by Stan Bush
  • Emmett’s creepy description of Henrietta
  • Sarah beating the crap out of all the bad guys in the TV station
  • Morgan insulting the Zune
  • “Chuck is like a duck.”
  • Jeff drunkenly encouraging Chuck to hit on Ellie. (Gross, but hilarious.)
  • “You suck, Bartowski!”
  • Chuck’s description of Grand Theft Auto
  • Morgan allowing Chuck to borrow Anna without question
  • Did I mention that the spy plot of this episode revolved around weapons codes that were hidden in a game of Missile Command, unlocked by playing the game in time with “Tom Sawyer” by Rush? That’s fucking awesome.

Sorry for the random list. I can’t do this episode justice with words. Go watch it now!