“I think you should know that my completely rational fear of carnivals has spread to ex-girlfriends.”
– Chuck

“Chuck Versus the Gravitron” is a carnival ride. It spins you around, it confuses you, it messes with your head, and it leaves you feeling dizzy, but it’s fun nonetheless. More after the jump.

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the disclaimer.

Jill is Fulcrum. And she’s evil. Or is she? She kisses Chuck. Then she pulls a gun on him. Then she agrees to save him. Then she shoots Leader. Then she gets captured and leads Sarah and Casey to where Leader is being kept. Then she kisses Chuck again. Then she pulls a gun on him again. Then she helps lock Chuck, Sarah, and Casey in holding cells. Then she is on the verge of shooting Sarah. Then she believes Chuck when he says he wants to help her. Then she is captured by Chuck. So is Jill evil or not? God only knows.

Chuck’s feelings for Jill are as messed up and confusing as feelings can be, oscillating between lust and distrust faster than a playground swing. Sometimes he kisses her for cover, and sometimes he willingly kisses her, but what’s important is that he makes a decision in the end: he captures Jill and breaks up with her for good.

“Security breach at Buy More, location 2453.”
– Big Mike’s cell phone

But while confusion is all well and good for a carnival ride, the ride isn’t complete without surprises. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the episode comes from Big Mike, who tackles Leader at the Buy More, thinking him to be a thief. (Seriously, don’t mess with Big Mike.)

“There’s so much more, man, yeah, there’s…there’s fun and food and friends and that’s…that’s just the F’s.”
– Morgan

In the end, though, for all the chaos and confusion, there’s always the comfort of Thanksgiving. What turned out to be a disastrous holiday at the Bartowskis last year ends up being a fun get-together of family and friends. With Jill out of the picture, Devon’s parents unable to make it, and Chuck and Sarah back to the comfort of their cover lives, Thanksgiving is saved.