“I’m sorry, I know you’re just trying to protect him, bro code, whatever, but Chuck, I am your sister. You’re supposed to protect me.”
– Ellie

“Chuck Versus the Broken Heart” is about two worlds colliding: Chuck’s spy life and Chuck’s real life. Devon is about to get dragged into the spy world, and the results won’t be pretty.

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the disclaimer.

Before we examine Devon’s side of the story, let’s take a look at Chuck and Sarah. Beckman has sent an agent, Alex Forrest, to evaluate Sarah on her performance and to determine whether or not she’s too emotionally involved with Chuck. While Chuck and Sarah might be working in the spy world, their feelings from each other are real. Thus far, they’ve been okay (but definitely not great – more on that in upcoming commentaries) at keeping their feelings for each other out of the spy world. But that’s not acceptable for Forrest. She determines that Sarah is unfit to be Chuck’s handler. For any other spy, it would be a routine reassignment, but for Sarah, it’s devastating; she is unprepared to let go of the real connection that she has to Chuck.

“General, what I’m trying to say is that maybe because my relationship with Sarah is so…you know, we’re close, we care about each other, that’s what I’m trying to say, and…and I know it’s not protocol or whatever, but it’s those feelings that wound up saving my life.”
– Chuck

No matter how much Sarah tries to maintain an outwardly professional demeanour, at heart, she’s not a good soldier who follows orders just because they’re orders. She decides to disobey the directive to have no further contact with Chuck, and goes to his apartment to leave him with the contact information for his father. In doing so, she discovers that Chuck has been kidnapped, and she, Forrest, and Casey go to rescue him. It turns out that Sarah’s feelings for Chuck, while sometimes a liability, can also be an asset. Beckman permits Sarah to stay as Chuck’s handler, which allows Sarah and Chuck maintain their real connection.

“I can’t believe how much the United States government has hurt the people that I love.”
– Chuck

However, Devon’s involvement in the spy world doesn’t yield such a happy ending. To obtain a hospital key card from him, Forrest posed as a stripper. Jeff and Lester took some incriminating photos of the incident, Ellie saw them, and now Ellie and Devon’s relationship is fraught with tension.

Feeling distraught over the situation, Chuck goes to Sarah for help, and though she can’t set Ellie and Devon’s relationship right, she can fix something else. She takes Chuck to see his father. The episode ends just as Chuck’s father opens the door to his trailer, and Chuck utters a single word: “Dad?”