“This apple doesn’t fall too far from the crazy tree, does it?”
– Casey

Thanks to Sarah’s help, Chuck has found his father, Stephen, an eccentric man who lives in a motor home out in the middle of nowhere. Stephen reluctantly agrees to accompany Chuck home so that he can attend his daughter’s wedding. But Ellie is only half-pleased to see her estranged father.

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the disclaimer.

I know that I say it way too often, but it bears repeating: Sarah Lancaster is an incredibly talented actress. (Seriously, she needs some Emmy love.) “Chuck Versus the Dream Job” is an excellent showcase for her character, as she plays comedy (“Pancakes?”), drama (“I’m gonna…take a walk.”), and everything in between. Dealing with an estranged father, an (apparently) unfaithful fiancé, and a brother who (apparently) blows his shot at a real job can’t be easy for Ellie, but she must accept what is beyond her control, even if it means being (apparently) abandoned again. (It’s funny how often I have to put the word “apparently” in brackets. There’s a lot of dramatic irony on Chuck.) Devon has a similar lesson to learn from Stephen. In one of the series’ most memorable dramatic scenes, Stephen teaches Devon, a man of action, that sometimes he has to sit back and accept that things will work themselves out.

“Why did you send me these cards, Orion? Do you want me to build an Intersect or find an Intersect? How can I use these cards to find an Intersect?”
– Chuck

Ellie and Devon aside, “Dream Job” is mainly about Chuck’s quest. Chuck isn’t about to give up on the idea of getting the Intersect out of his head. In a moment of brilliance, he notices that the Roark Instruments headquarters can be overlaid perfectly with the Intersect plans. Stephen’s old rival, Ted Roark, is working with Fulcrum to build an Intersect. However, Chuck is unwilling to trust his handlers with the source of his information, so he is forced to break into RI headquarters on his own, even tranquilizing Casey along the way. Chuck isn’t going to let anything stand in his way if he can something about it. In a montage scored to “Luisa’s Bones” by Crooked Fingers, we see Chuck gearing up for his rogue mission, embracing his skills in spycraft with confidence.

But Chuck’s break-in doesn’t go exactly as planned. He runs into his father, who reveals himself as Orion and claims that it is possible to remove the Intersect from Chuck’s head. Then, Stephen is taken captive by Ted Roark and Vincent. For a brief moment, Chuck, Ellie, and Stephen had been reunited as a family, and it’s cruel that the ability to be a family is taken away from them yet again. Now, the only thing that matters to Chuck is getting his father back.