“Back it up, bitches.”
– Morgan

I think that I’ve settled on a new pattern. I’m going to lead off every rewatch post with a line of dialogue that includes some sort of profanity. Okay, I might be kidding about that. We’ll see. For now, let’s talk about Morgan Guillermo Grimes. (Yes, we find out his middle name in this episode!) He has certainly come a long way from the annoying loser we met in the pilot episode. Now, he is confident enough to tell people twice his size to get out of his apartment. Morgan Grimes is growing up.

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the disclaimer.

And now for my usual digression. (I think I’m settling into a lot of patterns here.) If you’ve been reading these commentaries – which you probably haven’t (in which case you wouldn’t be reading this either) – then you might be wondering, “Why the hell is this guy wasting so much text on B-plots and mundane concerns?” That question can pretty much be translated to, “Why isn’t this guy talking about Chuck and Sarah, the only important thing about this show, because we all know that ‘shipping’ is the most important thing in the world next to eating, sleeping, and masturbating?” My answer is this: there are countless other discussion boards and fora where people far more eloquent and insightful than me have dissected the Chuck/Sarah relationship to death. If you really want to read about Chuck and Sarah, you can find those places. (Seriously, Google is your friend.) If I don’t feel that I have anything fresh or intelligent to say about the subject, then I just won’t talk about it. That doesn’t mean that I’m a “Charah” hater. It just means that unless Chuck and Sarah face a particularly important or interesting issue  (in which case I’ll comment at length), I’m content with the idea that Chuck and Sarah probably should have been having crazy monkey sex way back in season 1, and I don’t see the need to write that all the time.

That being said, I do have a couple of brief things to say about Chuck and Sarah before moving on to Morgan. In this episode, we learn that it was because of Sarah’s encouragement that Chuck decided to become a spy. So now we know that Sarah was the catalyst for Chuck’s development as a spy. But will she be the engine of that development? Her inability to train Chuck in bo staff usage without bringing her emotions into the picture would point to that question’s answer being “no.” It seems as if when it comes to Chuck, Sarah can’t compartmentalize.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming, i.e. Morgan Guillermo Grimes. (How awesome is it that his middle name is Guillermo?) Back in “Chuck Versus the Wookiee,” Morgan was pitifully infatuated with Carina, but he also believed that he could have a shot with her. Remember when he showed up at her hotel? That was pretty desperate and pathetic, wasn’t it? But Morgan doesn’t do any such thing this episode. Sure, he invents a lie about having bedded the gorgeous redhead, but he doesn’t actively pursue her in his full-on old-stalkerish-Morgan ways.

“That’s right, hottie: bounce! Fun fact for you: seven hundred and thirty words in the Japanese language for the word ‘yes,’ no word for ‘no,’ but if there was a Japanese word for ‘no,’ I’d be saying it to you right now. Instead, I’ll leave you with this: sayonara.”
– Morgan

Okay, fine, maybe Morgan hasn’t grown up completely, but when the time comes, he shows Karl, Carina, and the thugs who’s boss. He denies Carina. He says “no” to her. (Well, technically, as you can see from the above quote, he doesn’t say “no” to her, but close enough.) The Morgan of old would have simply accepted being at the receiving end of verbal and physical attacks from a bunch of “slabs of beef,” but the new Morgan isn’t willing to put up with being humiliated anymore. Funnily enough, Carina finds Morgan’s refusal sexy, and ends up sleeping with him, but it’s understandable that Morgan caves. He hasn’t had any since Anna; he needs it. (If it didn’t make me look like an idiot, I’d insert some sort of winking emoticon here.)

We have Big Mike to thank for this new, improved Morgan. Him dating Bolonia was the initial catalyst for Morgan’s growth. Now, Big Mike’s gentle encouragement is the engine. He tells Morgan not to give up on Carina, which Morgan takes to heart. Heck, Big Mike has changed too. After a course at the El Segundo School of Finance, he’s back and ready to the best damn job he can as the manager of the Burbank Buy More. Part of that means encouraging his employees, especially the one that he has come to think of as a son. Now, Big Mike and Morgan have formed some sort of awkward father/son dynamic. It’s a strange sort of familial relationship, but this is Chuck we’re talking about. Strangeness is to be expected. It’s the norm. The show thrives on wackiness, and it’s not in short supply in “Chuck Versus the Three Words.” There’s Casey as an angry neighbour, Karl’s transformation into human putty every time he’s around Carina, and Jeff’s Jail Juice. (Gotta love that alliteration.) The wacky escapades continue, Morgan continues to grow as a person, Chuck and Sarah continue to dance around their feelings for each other, and all is right with the world. (Well, not really, but just let this one slide, okay?)