“Because I like cupcakes, that’s why. Who doesn’t like a good cupcake?”
– Chuck, impersonating Rafe

Adopting an alias is one thing, but impersonating someone else is another thing entirely. It involves living a lie and suppressing one’s natural reflexive reactions. Taking on Rafe Gruber’s identity is Chuck’s new mission. Can he play a deadly assassin? We’ll see after the jump.

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the disclaimer.

Unlike in his initial encounter with Manoosh, Chuck shows very little clumsiness when impersonating Rafe. When he meets with the assassin’s clients at a local mob hangout, Casey at his side, he fools the mobsters into thinking that he is Rafe. Everything, from his voice to his demeanour, is very un-Chuck-like. Things seem to be going smoothly until one of the mobsters IDs Casey as a former special forces operative. Chuck pretends that Casey is a traitor, and is forced to extract Casey’s tooth as torture. In order to maintain his cover, he later fights off Sarah and the other members of the SWAT team who arrive to defuse the situation.

For Chuck, it’s easy not to get lost in his adopted identity because Rafe is so different from Chuck. On the other hand, Sarah has been living a (supposedly) fake life for almost three years, and she (mistakenly) believes that she is losing her identity. “Sarah Walker” isn’t too far from the kind of woman Sarah is at heart, and Sarah has allowed that alias to change her (for the better). But with all her worries about the spy life (apparently) changing Chuck, she wonders if “Sarah Walker” is who she is truly meant to be. Her birth name isn’t really a part of her anymore, but it’s an anchor, it’s a constant, and if anyone needs moorings, it’s her. And thus, she reveals to Shaw that her real name is Sam.

Remember what Sarah said way back in “Chuck Versus the Wookiee?” She said this: “When you’re undercover, you’re still you, but the details are different.” Even when Chuck is Rafe, Chuck is still Chuck, so when he hears Sarah revealing her real name to Shaw, he can’t hide his devastation and dismay. Though he manages to work his reaction into his cover, Sarah’s revelation is a wake-up call for him: no matter how hard he tries, no matter how much he buries his feelings, he will never get over “Sarah Walker”…oops, sorry, I mean, Sarah Walker.