“This isn’t over.”
– Chuck

A lot of things don’t end when they’re supposed to. Chuck and Sarah probably should have done the deed about two years ago, for example. But the same thing is true of Jeff and Lester’s antics. Casey hypnotizing Mute Lester in “First Class” probably should have ended Jeff and Lester’s antagonism, but now it’s back in full force.

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the disclaimer.

“Don’t you see, Johnny? You can’t harm us, thanks to the rules of the very corporate system that you so admire. Ha! The irony!”
– Lester

Casey is a marine, and marines don’t take crap lying down. At the first sign of trouble, Casey angrily conks Jeff’s and Lester’s heads together. (Ouch.) But that only prompts them to consider litigation.

With the help of Big Mike (and his tailor, Clarence), Casey, Jeff, and Lester eventually manage to resolve their dispute. Does this signal the end of Jeff and Lester’s hostility, ushering in a new era of idiocy and creepiness? We’ll have to wait and see.

Now, back to Chuck and Sarah for a moment. They still haven’t managed to work things out. Sarah thinks that Chuck has killed a man simply for the sake of following orders, and now she won’t even speak to him. Worse still, she feels responsible. In her mind, Chuck the spy is her creation, and as she recounts the story of her Red Test to Shaw, she thinks back to her own corruption, the moment when she crossed the threshold from human to spy. Chuck is about to cross that threshold as well, ending the episode en route to Washington D.C. for the details of his first assignment. Is this the end of Chuck as we know it? Yes and no. Things are about to get flipped on their head.