“This is a CIA safe house, and you two are not a real couple.”
– Otto

“Chuck Versus the Role Models” is about couples: spy couples, odd couples, and married couples…and one couple that’s a combination of all three. Craig and Laura Turner, the CIA’s top spy couple, are in town to teach Chuck and Sarah a few tricks. Unfortunately, the Turners aren’t exactly the greatest role models for the fledgling couple.

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the disclaimer.

Craig and Laura have been divorced and remarried three times. Craig is a philanderer, and Laura is a drunk. They’re constantly at odds with each other. They’re not even loyal to their agency; having become disillusioned with the spy life, they decide to sabotage a mission to retrieve decryption software for their own ends.

At first, it would seem as if Chuck and Sarah are headed for the same fate. They can’t stop bickering, Chuck practically idolizes Craig, Sarah has begun increasing her alcohol intake, and for a brief moment, Chuck and Sarah even consider turning the Turners over to the bad guys. But in the end, Chuck and Sarah come to the realization that they don’t have to follow the same path as the Turners. They don’t need role models; they can forge their own path.

“Not just spy or work or Buy More; you’re like a friend.”
– Morgan

Casey and Morgan are also working on a different kind of “couple” relationship. The seeds of their friendship were planted back in “Chuck Versus First Class,” and by the end of this episode, Morgan is comfortable referring to Casey as a friend. Casey has no such comfort – but hey – it’s Casey. It’s a huge step for him to befriend the bearded little man in the first place. In this episode, Casey is tasked to train Morgan, and though Morgan fails spectacularly, he demonstrates great courage when he sacrifices himself to Otto’s bengal tiger. Casey, as a true friend, recognizes this bravery, and agrees to pass Morgan on his training. It will be interesting to see how this unlikely friendship develops later in the series.

“What’s getting to me is the not showering and the not sleeping and the not knowing who the men with the guns are.”
– Ellie

Going to Africa hasn’t taken Ellie and Devon out of the picture. Devon has adjusted well to working with Doctors Without Borders, but Ellie is having difficulty. Like any good wife would, she expresses her concerns to Devon, and like any good husband would, he listens. But Ellie and Devon seem to have adopted a dangerous discuss-once-and-then-forget policy. Ellie’s difficulties fail to disappear and are only exacerbated when she is almost attacked by a snake. Thinking that her husband won’t understand her fears, she confides in the camp security coordinator, Justin. Little does she know that Justin is actually a Ring agent who has special plans for her. Just one instance of a lack of open communication has set an evil plan in motion. Ellie and Devon are about to face their biggest challenge yet as a married couple.