The 2010/2011 television season is about to start. Not many pilots look promising, but I’ll be checking out a few, just to see if I can find new ways to waste my free time. After the jump, I’m going to talk briefly about each of them.

The Event
The premise: There’s a mysterious event. Nobody knows what it is, but there’s a missing girlfriend and a government cover-up involved.
Impressions: The annoying promos are enough to make me hate this show before it even hits the air. I’m going to watch it out of curiosity; it’s airing after Chuck on Mondays on NBC. I have no real desire to invest time in a show that poses a lot of questions and gives no answers. I doubt that I’ll make it past the pilot, but on the off-chance that the critics are wrong, this could actually end up being an intriguing thriller.

Running Wilde
The premise: A rich playboy (played by Will Arnett) attempts to woo his high school crush (played by Keri Russell), while she attempts to make him a better man.
Impressions: This is the new creation of Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz. That’s enough to make me want to watch it. Critical response to the pilot has been almost universally negative, but I have enough confidence in Hurwitz’ abilities that even if the pilot is shaky, the show will have potential. (Heck, Arrested Development didn’t have a great pilot either.) I think that Will Arnett is funnier is small doses, but Keri Russell should offset Arnett’s tendency to annoy me. My one worry is that the show will have a will-they/won’t-they dynamic that overpowers the show instead of just being another one of its layers. That’s not to say that I have a penchant for participating in “shipping,” but my attitude to most TV romance is, “God damn it, just fuck and move on!” As long as the humour works, though, I think that everything will be fine.

No Ordinary Family
The premise: After a plane crash in Brazil, a family of four gains superpowers.
Impressions: This show is just bursting with potential. The promotional material looks awesome. A show about a family of superheroes sounds like a non-shitty version of Heroes. I’ll probably be sticking with this one for a while. My one worry is that this show is going to be a bunch of unrelated standalone adventures; I prefer story arcs and serialization.

The premise: A retired married couple of former spies returns to the CIA.
Impressions: It basically looks like Chuck if Chuck and Sarah were married and black, and lived in a world of better special effects and lamer humour. It might work, or it might end up being disastrous. The only way I’ll know is if I watch a couple of episodes. I have a gut feeling that I won’t be sticking with this one for long. It’s been described as a series of standalone adventures, and I don’t think that such a show can hold my interest for more than a few weeks.

What new shows are you planning on watching? Comment at will.