Since I don’t have too much to say, I’m going to be brief with this review. My overall impression: it could have been much, much worse. In fact, Running Wilde’s pilot episode was enjoyable enough to make me want to watch a second episode, which is more than can be said of The Event. (My desire to watch a second episode of The Event comes solely from curiosity.) But the pilot was enjoyable in a kind of inoffensive, unchallenging way. It didn’t make me laugh at all (though I did smirk once or twice). It wasn’t very clever. The entire setup was silly. The low production values were apparent.

But somehow, it worked. Most of the credit goes to Keri Russell and Stefania Owen, who are perfectly cast in their roles. Russell has enough poise to play straight man while zaniness happens around her, and Owen can contribute to the show’s silliness while also giving it a heart.

On the other hand, a couple of the male characters were clearly recycled. Here, Will Arnett is essentially playing the same role that he did on Arrested Development. Even worse, Robert Michael Morris’ role on this show is a carbon copy of his role on The Comeback. (Very few people are likely to point that out, given that very few people watched The Comeback.)

I’m not expecting a deep character study or a gut-busting laugh-fest from this show. (Cougar Town and Community are providing that right now.) But if this show manages to remain an occasionally amusing quasi-romance story, then it should be alright. I expect the humour to pick up a bit, though. Otherwise, a lukewarm, feel-good show won’t be enough to hold my interest.