Good television often has  a good soundtrack. Here are 5 awesome songs that have been featured on television shows that I watch regularly, that I used watch regularly, or of which I once caught the tail end of an episode while flipping channels.

1. “Give A Little Love” by Noah and the Whale
Program: Cougar Town
Episode: S1E09, “Here Comes My Girl”
I came to know of this song when it was featured in the Thanksgiving episode of Cougar Town’s first season. It’s a light piece of folk rock, particularly notable for its pounding drum beat.

2. “Embers” by Just Jack
Program: Gossip Girl
Episode: S3E02, “The Freshman”
One day, while flipping channels, I caught the tail end of an episode of Gossip Girl. (I’d make a joke about how I’m covering up for being a Gossip Girl fan, but it wouldn’t be funny because I don’t actually watch Gossip Girl.) This song was playing in the background. It’s a good song, and it becomes especially exciting when the vocals overlap.

3. “Precious” by Depeche Mode
Program: Bones
Episode: S1E10, “The Woman at the Airport”
This song has a depressing, mechanical feel. Believe it or not: that’s a compliment. There’s something oddly beautiful about “Precious.” I can’t exactly describe it, but there’s something about the way the synthesizer and the distorted guitars play off each other that gets me every time. The music video is also depressing and mechanical.

4. “How You Like Me Now?” by The Heavy
Program: White Collar
Episode: S2E09, “Point Blank”
The horn lick is what makes this song so catchy and infectious. It’s toe-tappin’, foot-stompin’ fun! The music video is weird; it features animated characters running around while the band performs in the woods.

5. “Leave Your Boyfriends Behind” by Leona Naess
Program: Cougar Town
Episode: S1E24, “Finding Out”

This pop rock gem features softly strummed verses, a singable chorus, and joyous gang vocals; it’s the perfect campfire song. On Cougar Town, it was used in a memorable beach montage. Here’s a link to the music video, which is nowhere near as good as the beach montage, featured below.

As always, you can find the songs that don’t have music videos on Grooveshark. You might be wondering why I didn’t feature any songs from Chuck. That show has a lot of great music; it’s deserving of its own edition of 5 Awesome Songs, which I’ll get around to writing eventually. Until then, keep on listenin’!