I’ve been really busy lately, so I haven’t had time to write full-blown episode reviews for the shows that I watched this week. (And yes, for the purposes of this entry, the week started on Sunday.) So here are some brief thoughts on what I watched, after the jump.

The Simpsons
S22E01, “Elementary School Musical”
This was a good episode. Flight of the Conchords was overused, but otherwise, it was a strong start to the season.

S4E02, “Chuck Versus the Suitcase”
I already reviewed this earlier in the week.

The Event
S1E02, “To Keep Us Safe”
Aliens? WTF? I’m happy that the show has improved since last week, but if it doesn’t cut the B.S., then I’m out.

No Ordinary Family
S1E01, Pilot
This is easily the most fun I’ve had watching a pilot episode since Chuck. I’m already as excited about the superpowers as the characters are. The teenagers need to be toned down a couple of notches, but other than that, this show has the potential to the best entry of the fall pilot season. I’m definitely in.

Running Wilde
S1E02, “Into the Wilde”
There’s a good show buried somewhere in here, but I just can’t see it right now. I’ll give it one more episode to change my mind. I’ve already decided that the show should use Puddle as much as possible; Stefania Owen is the best thing about this show right now.

S1E02, “Instructions”
This episode was way, way better than last week’s. Hoyt was toned down a bit, and the two leads actually have some chemistry now. This is the kind of show that I would watch.

Cougar Town
S2E02, “Let Yourself Go”
Cougar Town
is always packed to the brim with good stuff, so while some of the bits, like the group’s goodbye to Travis, might not have worked, the rest of it did. The result was yet another strong episode. There were a lot of good gags, too. Bobby’s inability to use a computer had me in fits of laughter. Reviewing Cougar Town is becoming increasingly pointless; it’s pretty much guaranteed enjoyment.

S2E02, “Accounting For Lawyers”
Welcome back, Community! I thought I’d lost you there. After a dreadful season finale and an almost-as-dreadful season premiere, the show was back in fine form this week, ditching the meta crap and focusing on telling real character stories. It was interesting to see the show go “off-campus,” and Drew Carey and Rob Corddry were excellent guest stars. This was also the funniest episode since “Modern Warfare.” It may have even been funnier. I almost died laughing during the chloroform scene, and the laughs continued when Annie, Abed, and Troy realized just how stupid their plan was. Man, that joke was the gift that kept on giving. I’m actually excited for the show now. Just no more stupid love triangles that resolve themselves in stupid ways, okay?

By the way, this is the blog’s 100th entry. Yay.