I haven’t been wild about Running Wilde – that pun was absolutely necessary – but it’s been entertaining enough that I haven’t felt the need to stop watching it. “Oil & Water” was the best episode of the series so far, mainly because it toned down Steve’s douchiness and let Emmy be a bit psycho instead of just being a self-righteous bitch. There was something interesting building here with Emmy using a job at Wilde Oil to spy on the company while subconsciously getting sucked into seriously working there, and Steve finding out that he likes the job but also committing to helping with Emmy’s half-hearted sabotage. This was a storyline that could have been milked for several episodes.

But it was over by the end of the half hour. I honestly don’t know how to feel about that. On the one hand, I found the idea of Emmy and Steve working for Wilde Oil very entertaining. On the other hand, I feel apprehensive about a show that ditches its best idea after half an episode. The inability to recognize good ideas and exploit their potential points to chronic stupidity in the writers’ room. That can’t be good.

Running Wilde is alright for now. I can give it another couple of weeks to find its feet. After that, though, my patience for a show that can’t commit to anything might be limited.