I’m going to keep this short. I enjoyed tonight’s episode. There were lots of good gags, particularly the ham and the falcons. I also appreciated the callback to small horses from the pilot. Fa’ad continues to be one of the funniest parts of this show. I also liked that Emmy got knocked off her moral pedestal when she realized that she actually wasn’t much fun (which is kind of ironic, considering that Keri Russell has such great comic timing, but irony played a huge part in this episode, so maybe that’s the point).

I’m curious about where this episode is supposed to fit into the show’s chronology. Logically, it seems to be the second or third episode, so I wonder why Fox aired it as the fifth. Airing episodes out order messed up Arrested Development and Firefly in the past, so this is standard practice for Fox. I just hope that it doesn’t further impact this already ratings-challenged show.