After being on such a hot streak for such a long time, Cougar Town was bound to put out an episode that didn’t exactly click. “Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It)” had some good moments, but overall, it was a bit lacking. The neti pot subplot was hilarious, and Laurie and Grayson’s storyline was fun too, but the Jules-Ellie-Andy plot line didn’t work for me. After more than a season of seeing them interact, I found it difficult to believe that Jules and Andy would question their friendship. Moreover, while I usually enjoy Jules’ personality quirks, her gift judging seemed inappropriate and made her look selfish and shallow. (I understand that that was the joke, but it backfired.)

The ending was strange. Jules still believed that Andy was lying, but Andy let Jules believe it so that she wouldn’t feel bad about confronting him and wouldn’t be mad at Ellie for misleading her. In the end, Andy and Jules resolved their conflict by forgiving each other, but it didn’t sit well with me that Ellie continued to believe that her husband was just being manipulative all along. As a result, the episode’s resolution felt hollow. Overall, “Fooled Again” wasn’t Cougar Town’s best, but it was still a decent episode.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the end tag. As cheesy as they were, the finger guns and the squeezed ketchup had me laughing like crazy. Topping it off with Ellie sipping the wine: pure hilarity. Cougar Town does these surreal parody scenes well (unlike some other comedies *cough* Community *cough*).  The cast is really good at physical comedy, and while I don’t want the show to degenerate into slapstick, it’s nice to know that Cougar Town has yet another weapon in its comedy arsenal.

That’s all for now. This episode might not have been great, but Cougar Town is undoubtedly the best comedy on television right now. If you’re not watching it, you’re making a mistake.