By now, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that Community probably won’t knock it out of the park again for a while, but “Aerodynamics of Gender” was easily the best episode since “Accounting for Lawyers.” Sure, it wasn’t stellar, but I’ll gladly take a mildly enjoyable episode over the steaming pile of crap that we got in the last two episodes. More details after the jump.

“Aerodynamics of Gender” was good because:

  1. There was no stupid meta garbage.
  2. There were some good character stories.
  3. A parody was used effectively instead of dominating the entire episode.
  4. There were no love triangles or zombies.

Instead, this episode gave us bitchy Hilary Duff, a new Pierce gadget (which was reminiscent of his Earnoculars), a racist trampoline guru, and this:

Abed as Robocop

As well as this:

Abed as Robocop

Yes, Community was actually funny this week! No, it wasn’t laugh-out-loud funny, which is why I said that this episode wasn’t stellar. But at least it was interesting. I cared about the story lines this week. Moreover, though the trampoline subplot was a little surreal, anchoring it to the real world with Pierce’s intervention and scenes with the study group all gathered together prevented it from floating off into La-La Land.

Hopefully, this is a sign of recovery for Community, and I can get back to cheering for the little sitcom that could.