Quick thoughts, musings, and/or reflections: good episode. A strange but satisfying mystery, more Fauxlivia deception, good use of Nina and Astrid, and no nonsensical drama. This is a suitable “baseline” for what I think Fringe should be. I was impressed by the revelation at the end of the episode that the case of the week actually tied into the larger mythology.

Although the show isn’t doing much with it, I like the idea of Walter owning Massive Dynamic. Their continued secrecy didn’t do the show much good in its first season, so I’m glad that the show has moved on from there. It’s also providing ample fodder for comic relief. I also like that the mythology isn’t being spoonfed to the audience, but is being slowly unravelled. Just enough questions are being answered to keep my interest. (This week, we found out about where the pieces of Walternate’s machine were hidden, for instance.)

I’m a little confused about a couple of things. Did Nina actually manage to convince Walter that it was a good idea to build Walternate’s machine? Also, why is the real Olivia no longer needed on the Other Side? Have Brandon and Walternate figured out how to harness her universe-jumping ability? In any case, I’ll find out next week.