What a delightful little episode. Skunks, broken wine glasses, a hammock seatbelt, and a whole lot more. Josh Hopkins was on fire tonight, squeezing humour out of everything that Grayson said and did. The Grayson/Ellie pairing always yields fun results, mainly because the two of them think that they’re the “sane” ones, when in reality, they’re just as wacky as everyone else, just in a different way.

I lost track of everything that I laughed at tonight. Big Joe and Tom cracked me up, but I also got a kick out of Laurie stealing Kirsten’s clothes. (Speaking of Kirsten, she kind of came out of nowhere, but I liked her nonetheless. I hope to see her back on the show.) Even as I write this, I’m still chuckling about Andy feeling Grayson’s butt to test its temperature.

Cougar Town seems to have found a formula now: Jules has a bout of crazy behaviour; misunderstandings ensue; and everything is resolved at the end with a nice, little bow. Being formulaic is usually a sign of a lack of creativity, but I don’t think that that’s the case here. I’m still laughing my ass off week after week, and when it comes to comedy, that’s what counts.