This isn’t a full-fledged review. It’s a collection of quick thoughts, more than anything. Feel free to sue me for false advertising if it makes you feel any better.

“Mental Flaws” was kind of fun. Fa’ad was hilarious, as usual, and Migo was surprisingly funny too. Steve’s continued shallowness was somewhat irritating, but I like that it was balanced out by Emmy’s shallowness as well.

While the plot of “Mental Flaws” was a little too predictable, the scene at the doctor’s clinic was absolutely hysterical. Bringing in Maulik Pancholy from 30 Rock was a brilliant idea. I appreciate that this show has the balls to skewer pop culture references by doing one in the bluntest, least subtle way possible.

Overall, this was a decent episode, although I certainly could have used a little more Puddle. This was yet another episode that aired out of order, so I’m wondering what the hell Fox has been doing with its scheduling, but at least we have a few more episodes before this show goes off the air for good.