This is a quick and dirty review. I liked “It’s a Trade Off.” There were lots of good jokes: the PI, the Cuba booth, and Steve and Fa’ad “rebooting” quickly. The episode had a very Arrested-Development-esque feel, which is a good thing and what I’ve been expecting from this show since I started watching it. I liked that Lunt was toned down this week after being overused last week, and I’m pleased to see that the writers know how to use their funniest character, Fa’ad, to his fullest potential.

What I didn’t like about “It’s a Trade Off” was how predictable it was. Of course Emmy and Steve would initially pretend to be fine in their new roles before finally admitting defeat. Any other outcome would have been ridiculous. However, I will give the episode points for execution despite predictability.

Overall, this was one of Running Wilde‘s stronger episodes. It’s a shame that Fox mistreated it so badly by airing episodes out of order. But at least we’re back in the correct airing order now.

This is probably my last Running Wilde review for the year, even though it’s airing new episodes in December. I won’t have time for more reviews (or any other entries for that matter) until the new year, so this is probably 2010’s final week of entries. I may or may not do some sort of year-in-review post; I haven’t yet decided.