“Awful” doesn’t even begin to describe how bad InSecurity is. In fact, calling InSecurity awful is the nicest thing that one can say about it. This CBC action-comedy has no excitement and no laughs. Every single joke in the pilot episode fell flat. That’s not an exaggeration.  The entire show revolves around a single joke: the Canadian intelligence apparatus isn’t very competent.

The programme plays like a Royal Canadian Air Farce sketch extended into a twenty-minute television show. The production values on InSecurity are so low that the show doesn’t look much better than a pre-filmed Air Farce segment. The difference is that Air Farce was cleverer and had a better cast. Half the actors on InSecurity seem incapable of handling a role on a television series. There were a couple of good moments from Matthew MacFadzean as the dimwitted Burt and William deVry as the NISA director, but most of the acting fell flat.

The lone bright spot in all of this was Natalie Lisinska as team leader Alex. She’s a competent actress, and her straight-man role prevented the episode from being a total waste. But one bright spot isn’t enough for me to consider this show anything more than a total failure. It shocks and appalls me that CBC thought that InSecurity was worthy of being made into a television series. It has almost no redeeming qualities. I want back the half hour of my life that I wasted on this pile of garbage.