Cougar Town is unfortunately on hiatus until mid-April, and I’m experiencing some serious withdrawal. As you may have noticed, I don’t do any write-ups for the show anymore, and that’s because there are only so many ways that one can stretch “It was awesome!” into 200+ words. But I feel the need to gush about Cougar Town every once in a while, and I also need to combat the feelings of withdrawal. Thus, I present to you a list of 5 reasons why Laurie Keller, my favourite character, played by Busy Philipps, is awesome.

5. She’s a fun-loving gal. Laurie loves to party, and she also likes to have a good time sipping wine with the rest of the cul-de-sac crew. But even when she’s not doing either of those things, she can find a way to engage in some fun shenanigans. In “The Same Old You,” Laurie ended up joining a sorority…and she’s not even in college!

4. She always willing to lend a helping hand. Laurie doesn’t mind giving out advice or teaching people how to do things. In “Finding Out,” she helped Travis pick a “defensive strategy.” In “Let Yourself Go,” she taught Bobby how to use the Internet.

3. She says the most hilariously random things. Laurie can always spout a wacky one-liner or two. But she’s gut-bustingly funny when she makes up fake screenplay ideas, like Bug Hookers from “No Reason to Cry” or Beef & Bubbles from “Lost Children.” Trust what she says: Bug Hookers is not a kids’ movie.

2. She’s fiercely loyal. Laurie is a great friend to Jules. All the way back in “You Wreck Me,” she did an open house by herself so that Jules could go on a date with Josh. In “Breakdown,” she wanted to be at Travis’ graduation so that she could be there for Jules. Plus, she’s been to all the other big cul-de-sac crew events: Grayson’s Halloween party, the refurbishing of Bobby’s boat, and Bobby’s victory at the golf tournament.

1. This. [The end tag of “No Reason to Cry.”]

Yes, Laurie Keller is one of my favourite television characters ever. And she just so happens to be on one of my favourite television series ever. So yay for Laurie! And yay for Cougar Town!