I don’t usually blog about sordid celebrity gossip, but Charlie Sheen has totally lost his mind, and I’m enjoying every second of it. Call it schadenfreude if you will, but the man is hilarious. God bless him and his insane ramblings, because they’ve provided the Web with ample fodder for some clever games and memes.

First up, Charlie Sheen vs. Ron Burgundy: Who Said It? Try to identify whether each quote was spoken by either Charlie Sheen or the mustachioed man played by Will Ferrell. I hated Anchorman, but I still find this hilarious. The scariest part of this little game is that most of the crazier quotes can be attributed to Charlie Sheen.

Now, for all you Parks and Recreation fans out there, here’s something that will keep you in stitches for hours. And by hours, I mean minutes, because if you’re laughing for hours you should probably consult a doctor…or stop doing as many drugs as Charlie Sheen. Anyway, some genius came up with this: Sheen and Swanson, photos of Ron Swanson captioned with Charlie Sheen quotes. It’s brilliant. And in case you can’t get enough Sheen/Swanson madness, check out the Sheen Pyramid of Greatness. Coupled with this, it should help you figure out how to be a “winner” and defend yourself against the “Vatican assassin warlocks.”

Now we just have to wait for someone to come up with a Charlie-Sheen/Ron-Weasley meme. Then we can have a movie-television-book trifecta of Charlie Sheen awesomeness. Or “winningness.”