Disclaimer: the information contained herein is inaccurate. (In my haste to cobble together this blog entry, I forgot about complex numbers.) Please ignore the mathematical content; it isn’t correct! The only part of this entry that is correct is the EDIT paragraph at the bottom. I’d delete this entry, but I’m keeping it here for historical purposes. (This disclaimer was added on May 11, 2011.)

Fringe fans have always had an inkling that they shouldn’t trust Sam Weiss. Now they have proof. The scruffy enigma can’t do integral calculus.

Incorrect math

This math is wrong! Sam Weiss's notebook is full of lies!

There is no way that that expression could evaluate to zero. The integrand is a ratio of two functions that are positive on the interval from 0 to infinity. Therefore, the integral must either evaluate to a positive number or else not converge. It evaluates to a positive number for all positive s. In that case, dividing by Γ(s), which is a finite number for all positive s, should yield yet another finite number.

According to Wolfram Alpha, the integral should evaluate to:

Evaluated integral

We then divide through by Γ(s) to get the result, which you can thus clearly see, is not zero.

If this is the guy who’s making the calculations that will help us stop the fabric of the universe from tearing apart, then we’re fucked.

EDIT: I’ve been informed that the scribblings in Sam Weiss’s notebook are actually an alternative formulation of the Riemann hypothesis, and that if the expression equals zero for complex values of s with a real portion greater than ½, then he has disproved the hypothesis. That’s what I get for impulsively posting this after only considering real values of s. But the original point remains: DON’T TRUST SAM WEISS.