If you’re super-observant, you’ve probably noticed a couple of changes. I’ve added “Rewatch” and “Relisten” sections to the blog. The Chuck rewatch project that I did last year is archived there, with links to each commentary. It’s also where I’ll archive the Fringe rewatch project that I’ll be doing later in the summer. (It was a toss-up between rewatching Fringe or Pushing Daisies, but I’ve never rewatched Fringe, whereas I’ve rewatched Pushing Daisies at least a half-dozen times.) The “Relisten” section is completely new. This summer, I’ll be relistening closely to some of my favourite albums or albums that have had an influence on the way I think about music. Like I did for the rewatch project, I won’t be doing album reviews, just commentaries. This blog was originally intended to be a bit more personal, and with all the episode reviews, it’s kind of gotten away from me. This is a way to get back to basics. That’s not to say that I won’t continue to do episode reviews, but I might cut back on them quite a bit next season.

I’ve decided not to do any more end-of-season report cards for TV shows. Midseason report cards can provide some valuable insights into where a show is coming from and where it’s heading, but there’s just too much stuff to cover in a season of 20+ episodes for an end-of-season report card to have much value. Moreover, it’s unfair to criticize an entire season because it declined in quality in its second half (like this season of Fringe) or to overpraise an entire season because it improved in quality in its second half (like this season of Chuck). Also, there’s no way that I could write report cards for every show that I watch. I might do some editorial-style entries about various TV shows, but I won’t do any formal end-of-season report cards. What I will do, however, is an end-of-season “awards” post, like I did for the 2010 Refrigerator Rants Random Awards, except for that these “awards” will be limited to television.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned.