There are lots of legitimate complaints that could be made about AMC’s The Killing. Its characters are two-dimensional, it overuses the rain machine, it treats topics such as racial discrimination heavy-handedly, and it’s so relentlessly gloomy that it feels oppressive to watch. But its biggest sin is this: everyone on the show is a fucking moron. Television Without Pity has a new gallery showcasing the characters’ incompetence. Holder is terrible at his job. Richmond is a terrible politician. Mitch and Stan are awful parents. And Linden isn’t a good detective, mother, or fiancĂ©e. Man, these characters could really use a few life coaches. Maybe this guy can help:

Dr. Phil

Come to think of it, he’d probably just make things worse. And the last thing we need is for him to do something stupid like encouraging Stan to beat the shit out of an innocent man.

Oh, wait…