“So what? I don’t even have clearance to know background on a case I’m investigating?”
– Olivia

Everybody on Fringe has a secret. As we learned in the previous episode, “The Same Old Story,” Walter is hiding a terrible secret about Peter’s past, one that has not yet been revealed to us or any of the other characters. But Peter has secrets of his own. At a diner in Boston, Peter confronts a man who was following him around and snapping photos of him. A federal agent? One of Big Eddie’s thugs? We don’t know yet. Peter tells Walter that the man was just someone who was harassing the waitress. It’s clear that Peter likes to play things close to the vest.

Meanwhile, Olivia is dealing with the secrets that have been kept from her. Still reeling from John’s betrayal and now working on classified cases for Fringe Division, Olivia is becoming frustrated. Nina and Broyles seem to be more in the know than her. In fact, it is Nina who reveals to Olivia that the substance used on the bus in the incident that Olivia is investigating was used in a previous attack. Broyles claims that he kept Olivia in the dark to protect her, but Nina’s motivations are unclear. Was Nina’s revelation an accidental indiscretion, or was the executive director of Massive Dynamic manipulating Olivia by telling her information that she shouldn’t know so as to make her mistrust her employers? And if the latter was indeed the case, then was Nina trying to recruit Olivia into the company, or is she just plain evil? Either way, it’s a very strange world in which Olivia lives, where multinational corporations know more about classified cases than the agents investigating them.

Secrets play an important role throughout the series. There’s more to Nina than meets the eye, and we’ve yet to delve into Walter’s and Peter’s backstories substantially. We still don’t even know much about the crystalline disk that was embedded in the dead DEA agent’s hand. Soon, those mysteries will be solved, and the associated secrets will be revealed. But you can be sure that new mysteries – and new secrets – will take their place.

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