“I’m not here to punish a J.V. agent who tried to ruin my life for chasing a little tail. I’m here to do my job.”
– Sanford Harris

Fringe Division is under investigation by Sanford Harris, a man whom Olivia once prosecuted for sexual assault. He’s back with a personal vendetta against Olivia, and it’s up to Fringe Division to prove him wrong.

Over the past few months, Olivia has had to work doubly hard to prove herself. Her romantic involvement with the (apparent) traitor, John Scott, is more or less public now, and she must demonstrate that despite her lapse in judgment with regards to her choice of lover, she is still a competent FBI agent.

But Harris won’t make it easy for Olivia. He blocks her at every turn, and even forbids her from investigating her own kidnapping. Luckily for her, though, the rest of Fringe Division is willing to back her up. Charlie is supportive, as he usually is, but even Peter wants to find out who Olivia’s kidnappers were.

Peter: “What I want to know is what they wanted from you.”
Olivia: “Who cares about me? I want to know who’s next.”
Peter:I care about you.”

It’s a significant moment for both Peter and Olivia. For Olivia, it’s the realization that someone not in her immediate family is worried about her, that she can have a real impact on someone else’s personal life. Ever since the (apparent) revelation that John Scott had betrayed her, she had felt that she couldn’t form a real connection with anyone, so she needed to have confirmation that it was indeed possible. For Peter, a nomad who resists forming human connections that aren’t transient, it’s the first explicit articulation that he has started to care about people aside from his father, that he has started putting down roots in Boston. Unfortunately, Peter backtracks immediately afterwards by saying, “If we can figure out why they needed you, then maybe we can figure out who’s next,” but the sentiment remains: Peter cares, and Olivia is cared for.

Broyles is also willing to stand up for Olivia. He has come a long way since the Pilot, now asserting to Harris that Olivia “has been nothing but an exemplary agent.” He sees through Harris’ empty claims of Olivia’s incompetence, and he doesn’t wish to have the important work of Fringe Division sacrificed for the sake of one man’s irrational vendetta. More than that, though, he actually does care about Olivia, as demonstrated by his insistence that she get some rest after finally nabbing Mitchell Loeb.

With Sanford Harris on the scene, Olivia’s professional life may be in turmoil. But there is at least some comfort in her personal life. Olivia’s sister, Rachel, and her niece, Ella, have come for a visit. They’re her anchors to normalcy, blissfully unaware of the kind of dangerous work that she does as an FBI agent. It’s interesting that this is the episode in which we’re introduced to Rachel and Ella, because it provides a juxtaposition between Olivia’s family and Fringe Division: while Olivia receives support from her sister and niece, she also receives it from Peter, Charlie, Walter, Broyles, and Astrid. Just like the family she has at home, Fringe Division is starting to develop into a makeshift family of its own.

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