“And Olivia, now I know you’re weak.”
– Thomas Jerome Newton

The severed frozen head from Laston-Hennings Cryonics has been attached to a body and is now on the loose. His name is Thomas Jerome Newton, and he’s trying to open a door to the Other Side.

To do that, he’s going to need to access Walter’s memories. Walter is one of the few people who has successfully been able to open a door to the alternate universe. The only problem is that Walter’s memories aren’t in his brain; the pieces of his hippocampus containing information about interdimensional portals were removed by none other than William Bell. The two of them had deemed the knowledge about travelling between universes too dangerous to possess, so they decided to remove the part of Walter’s brain that knew about it. No wonder Walter sometimes feels incomplete, as if he’s missing a part of himself. He literally is!

What’s striking about all this isn’t the fact that Walter had Bell perform brain surgery on him. It’s that Bell implanted the pieces of Walter’s brain than he removed in three other people’s brains, in order to preserve those pieces. The foreign neural tissue drove these people to insanity. Bell had no qualms about harming innocent people in this instance, either to preserve Walter’s knowledge or to protect the greater good. Both Bell and Walter may have matured since then, but Newton has a similar lack of qualms. He performed brain surgery on the three victims, without anaesthesia, in order to get the pieces of neural tissue that he needed to figure out how to open a portal to the alternate universe.

Clearly, Newton is a ruthless, villainous man. He not only poisons Walter to blackmail his way into escaping the FBI’s grasp, but he also taunts Olivia while he’s doing it. He’s not above emotional manipulation. And now he’s one step closer to opening a door to the Other Side. Walter may not be whole, and Olivia may still be reeling from being blackmailed, but it’s up to them to stop him.

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