“I gotta believe there’s another way.”
– Peter

Peter finds himself in a unique position. Born Over There, but raised Over Here, he is a representative of both universes. For that reason, he can’t live with himself if he lets one triumph over the other. He’s convinced that there must be a way for both universes to coexist. Now, all he has to do is convince everyone else.

That won’t be easy. Broyles is more concerned about protecting our universe than anything else. Walter is so worried that he could lose Peter again that he can’t really be convinced of anything right now. Peter thinks the solution might have something do to with the Machine, but Walter sees it as an infernal device, the thing that will take Peter away from him for good, and he’s intent on blocking Peter’s plans to study it. Plus, even if Walter and Broyles were more receptive to Peter’s idea about finding a third way, Peter can’t exactly go contacting everyone on the Other Side and telling them to play nice.

But Peter may have found some help in the unlikeliest of places. Hearing from Fauxlivia about Walter and Peter’s quarrel, Nina decides to take matters into her own hands. After all, she understands what’s at stake. Over a shared joint, Nina manages to convince Walter that he needs to let Peter work on the Machine, telling him that what Peter needs is guidance, not restriction. (Walter learning to let Peter go will be a recurring theme throughout the season.)

Peter might even have unintentionally made a convert out of Fauxlivia. After seeing firsthand that Walternate’s propaganda about Over Here is untrue, that We aren’t just a bunch of maniacs intent on destroying the Other Side, Fauxlivia has come to believe that destroying Our universe might not be the best course of action. Peter, having seen the Other Side, understands that innocent lives will be lost Over There if Our side triumphs. If Peter can believe there’s a way to save both worlds, then maybe Fauxlivia can too, and she’ll spread that message when she returns home.

Meanwhile, thanks to Astrid’s keen insight into deciphering number stations, Fringe division is a step closer to assembling the Machine. Is this a good thing, bringing them closer to finding a way to save the universes? Or is it a bad thing, bringing them closer to building a weapon of immeasurable power? Time will tell.

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