“How would you like to send back their Olivia? Alive or dead? Because I feel there are very valuable parts for study, and I would just have to replace their mass.”
– Alt-Brandon

There’s a lot going on in “Entrada”: Fauxlivia is exposed; Our Olivia is being held against her will on the Other Side; and Alt-Broyles is debating his loyalty to Walternate. But I want to zero in on the character who turns Our Olivia’s struggle to escape into a battle of life or death: Alt-Brandon.

Walternate is not a cruel man. He may be ruthless and vengeful, but he is not cruel. He never specifically intended to kill Our Olivia. He viewed her as a test subject, but like his counterpart in Our universe, he also viewed her as a human. However, in Alt-Brandon’s eyes, Olivia is just another test subject in a lab. Her life or death is irrelevant in his pursuit of knowledge.

Out of all the pairs of Prime Universe and Alternate Universe characters, the Our-Brandon/Alt-Brandon pair is the most chilling. Our Brandon is a harmless nerd, giddy and enthusiastic about the frontiers of science that he gets to explore at Massive Dynamic, eager to share his knowledge with others. On the other hand, Alt-Brandon seems like a twisted, perverse version of his Prime Universe counterpart. He has a similar obsession with science, but his is more focused – colder, even. In his mind, the pursuit of scientific knowledge trumps all. Right and wrong are of no concern to him; he’ll cut open a woman and rip out her organs while she’s awake if it can give him the answer to a scientific question. He has no qualms about doing anything – no morals, no limitations. He represents science taken to a extreme, science without ethical boundaries.

In this way, Alt-Brandon acts as a foil for Walternate. The thought of extracting Our Olivia’s brain tissue never even occurred to Walternate. He did approve of Alt-Brandon’s plan, but one gets the sense that he might not be as gung-ho about scientific experimentation as his most trusted scientist. Walternate may have boundaries, and we’ll find out about them in due course.

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