“They put an impostor on our to team to protect a mission. I mean, do the math.”
– Lincoln

Oh Walternate, that crazy, manipulative fox. How is he such a clever bastard? Let me count the ways:

  1. He embedded Our Olivia on his Fringe team without informing Charlie or Lincoln.
  2. He is continuing not to tell the American public about the existence of Our universe.
  3. He had Alt-Olivia kidnapped in order to accelerate her pregnancy. The accelerated pregnancy prevented Alt-Olivia’s VPE from killing her and the baby. Why didn’t he just administer the acceleration treatment in a hospital with Alt-Olivia’s knowledge? Two reasons: a) It was a risky procedure, and he didn’t want Alt-Olivia to object to it. b) Accelerated pregnancy is a sort of “cure” of VPE (or at least a way of circumventing it). For some strange reason, he doesn’t want to make that cure available to other mothers.
  4. He lies to Lincoln and leads him and Charlie to believe that Alt-Olivia must be rescued from her captors at all costs.
  5. He doesn’t really seem to care about his grandson. He was more concerned about keeping the baby alive until birth so that a blood sample could be taken surreptitiously and used for future tests, possibly for the sake of activating the Machine.

The fact that Walternate orchestrated all of this and that he was even able to use Alt-Olivia’s pregnancy to his advantage explains just how he is able to hold on to his power. He’s a chessmaster extraordinaire, and people and objects are merely pawns for carrying out his machinations.

But even the greatest chessmasters can fall victim to holes in their plans. Just like Milo, the genius from “The Plateau,” who couldn’t account for his target being Our Olivia and not Theirs, Walternate can’t account for a taxi driver named Henry, the man whose cab Our Olivia hijacked after she escaped from captivity on Liberty Island. When Charlie and Lincoln talk to him, they start to piece together the puzzle and realize that Walternate may be hiding more from them than they thought. Now, two of Fringe Division’s best agents are beginning to mistrust him, and since they work so closely with Alt-Olivia, she might begin to mistrust him too. If he can’t bring them all back into the fold, then things might get ugly.

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