“What has four thumbs, fights crime, and just made fifteen grand? These guys.”
– Hank

Terriers. It’s a weird title for the show, considering that it never features any actual terriers (but it does feature plenty of dogs that aren’t terriers, which makes it all the more confusing). It’s better thought of as a metaphor: terriers have a reputation for being scrappy little fighters. Just when you think you’ve got one down, it bounces back and continues to fight. Hank and Britt have that same fighting spirit; they’re the little guys in a world of big dogs.

“Dog and Pony’s” adventure puts our two private eyes on the trail of fugitive Montell Gobright. Compared to him, Frank and Britt are quite literally the little guys, as Montell is practically a human giant. When they try to apprehend him at his girlfriend’s shop, they struggle for a bit, but he eventually manages to defenestrate them in a rather unceremonious fashion.

However, things aren’t quite what they seem. Montell is being targeted by his greedy half-brother, Brendan. After seeing him get shot by Brendan, Hank and Britt swoop in to save him. It turns out that the two half-brothers had robbed a racetrack together, but Brendan wouldn’t give Montell his half of the take. In fact, to make sure Montell never got his hands on it, Brendan was willing to kill his own half-brother. Now, the balance of power has shifted. Montell is one of the little guys, and Brendan is one of the big dogs. As they are wont to do, Hank and Britt decide to stand up for the little guy and take down Brendan.

As usual, what Hank and Britt are doing isn’t exactly legal – they’re aiding and abetting a fugitive’s escape – but they’re sticking to their principles. In their minds, there’s such a thing as honour among thieves. So, they let Montell go and instead trick Brendan into confessing to robbery and attempted murder, which is enough for the cops to swoop in and arrest him.

“You’re a good friend, I’ll give you that. But you’ve got to know: he’s going to let you down.”
– Mark, to Britt, about Hank

As pleased as Mark is with the results, he still doesn’t trust Hank. After all, he watched his former partner succumb to the bottle a couple of years ago, and it’s only recently that Hank has gotten back up on his feet. Mark still doesn’t see Hank as reliable or trustworthy, so he takes it upon himself to warn Britt of Hank’s destructive nature.

But Britt will have none of it. He knows where his loyalties lie, and they lie with his fellow terrier. And together, Hank and Britt will continue to fight crime in their own way.

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