Another week gone by, another set of articles to sink your eyeballs into. This week’s What I’ve Been Reading follows after the jump:

  • But there’s still a lot of (totally justified) rage about booth babes at E3. Dennis Scimeca of The Escapist is furious, saying that booth babes at a professional event are offensive to men and perpetuate negative stereotypes about the industry. Ben Kuchera of the PA Report takes a different tack, arguing that booth babes are a bad business decision because their presence signals that gaming is a men’s hobby, excluding a large potential female market. I agree wholeheartedly with both articles. Booth babes have no place at a professional event. Attractive salespeople? Sure, fine. But women who are present solely to be gawked at? Somebody’s got to shut that down.
  • In the world of television, the backlash against HBO’s Girls never seems to end, does it? Freddie deBoer of Balloon Juice expresses his dismay at Girls’ supposed display of upper-class privilege. While that’s a perfectly valid reason not to want to watch the show, I don’t understand why he’s singling out Girls in particular. Many shows reek of upper-class privilege. What makes Girls any worse?

Well, that’s it for this week’s What I’ve Been Reading. If you’re wondering why I didn’t link to any articles about the Internet’s collective meltdown over the Tomb Raider controversy, I’ll be posting my own take on the issue some time next week. And on the off-chance that you want to know what’s going on with my Terriers rewatch, I’m still working on it, and I’ll try to pick up the pace over the next couple of weeks.

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