I know that the blog has been silent this week, and for that I apologize. I got busy with that pesky little thing called real life. So, in order to lift my spirits from the constant disappointment of reality, I’ve got a relatively lighthearted What I’ve Been Reading this week. Enjoy.

  • Tired of Kickstarter projects? Don’t want to support Anita Sarkeesian or the Ouya? Well, I promise you, this Kickstarter is worth it. (A larger version of the artwork is available here.)
  • The New York Times recently ran this ridiculous article about the difficulties of preparing for the annual tradition of sorority rush. Thankfully, this Gawker editorial tore it to shreds so you don’t have to. It’s times like this when all I can say is, “FUCK THE RICH.”
  • With DLC, DRM, and other evil initialisms, it seems as if today’s gaming scene is more trouble than it’s worth. Rock Paper Shotgun reminds us that video games are still awesome. Check out the comments on the piece for more celebration of gaming. After reading so much whinging and complaining, it’s nice to see some positivity.
  • Jason Schreier of Kotaku talks about the joy of Let’s Plays, playthroughs of video games posted to YouTube. Since I don’t own any consoles, I often use them for experiencing console exclusives. I also appreciate them for their often hilarious commentary.
  • Here at Refrigerator Rants, we like to link to important articles about important subjects, like this one by Rob Harris about athletes having sex at the Olympics.
  • Is it possible to sell DLC to cats? That’s exactly what people are accusing Hiccup, the developers of iPad game Games for Cats, of doing, as Jonathan Grey Carter reports.
  • Finally, have you ever wanted to get your weather information in the angriest way possible? If so, then THE FUCKING WEATHER is for you!

I hope you have fun with these links! As always, feel free to leave comments below.