As you may know, I said I’d do a The Chicago Code rewatch this summer, but that didn’t pan out. You also may have noticed that I haven’t been reviewing Alphas, whose entire first season I reviewed here. I do want to write about both shows, but it’s hard for two reasons: 1) I’m getting tired of the weekly episode review format. 2) As my real-life commitments increase, I have less time to blog.

When I do weekly episode reviews, I end up writing the same thing over and over. There are hundreds of people on the Internet who do it way better than I do, and there’s no sense in adding my voice to the fray if I have nothing unique to say. Weekly episode reviews also burn me out and make me not want to write “big picture” pieces about various the shows I review. They also prevent me from writing about shows that I don’t review. Last season, I wanted to write a piece about how Parks and Recreation transformed itself from a feminist show into a show that exploited feminist buzzwords, but I could never find the will to do it because I was writing weekly reviews of the show. My weekly reviews of that show and of Fringe prevented me from writing pieces about New Girl or 30 Rock. I was blogging out of a sense of obligation, not because I wanted to.

From a practical standpoint, real life makes it difficult for me to adhere to a blogging schedule. I need to blog in my free time, not organize my life around blogging.

So, for those reasons, I’m not going to be doing regular episode reviews anymore. I may check in on pilots, premieres, finales, or significant episodes. But for the most part, if I’m writing about a show, it’s going to be from more of a “big picture” perspective. It’s all well and good to focus on the micro, but this blog hasn’t devoted enough time to the macro. This will allow me to write more about what interests me and not just regurgitate what the rest of the Internet is saying. It’ll also let me cover stuff other than television, which I’ve been doing lately with What I’ve Been Reading, but I’d like to go more in depth. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ll be blogging less; it means that I’ll be blogging about a wider variety of topics.

What does this have to do with that rewatch of The Chicago Code? Well, I got so burned out writing episode reviews last season that I didn’t have the enthusiasm for summer rewatches that I usually do. And you can see it in the Terriers rewatch I did this summer. It’s not very good. I can do better when I’m not burned out.

For that reason, I’m postponing my The Chicago Code rewatch until next summer, and hopefully, after this upcoming TV season, I’ll emerge re-energized and ready to dive into one of my favourite cop shows.

Stay tuned. I’ve got some cool stuff planned for the next couple of weeks.