Happy September, y’all! Here’s this week’s What I’ve Been Reading.

  • Over at Kotaku, Evan Narcisse writes about a satirical “racist” game called Race Warriors, intended to draw attention to how ridiculous discrimination on the basis of race really is. The whole concept makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, but it’s an interesting artistic statement.
  • Ben Kuchera of the Penny Arcade Report cautions people about the dark side of Kickstarter promotion. Game developers with little to no press or legal experience are engaging in potentially unethical behaviour, like spamming or outright bribery, in order to get their Kickstarters funded. I know that these developers are usually working independently of publishers, but some of them could really use some external PR advice. “Indie” loses its cute connotations when people do unethical things in the pursuit of funding.
  • Finally, Jim Sterling weighs in on the EA vs. Zynga case, saying that gamers shouldn’t be rooting for EA to crush Zynga, because EA has some of the video game industry’s worst business practices. I’m afraid that Sterling has set up somewhat of a strawman here. People aren’t suddenly cheering for EA because they love EA; they’re cheering for copyright law to be upheld, for the American legal system to affirm that one can’t make profit simply by copying the works of another.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts below.