Some big news this week! And some not so big news. The delicious filling in the pie crust follows after the jump:

  • So, big news: Last Sunday, the live stream of the Hugo Awards, given for science-fiction and fantasy, was taken down because it was incorrectly flagged as copyright infringement. This is what happens when we put bots in control of things.
  • In other big news: Ubisoft has abandoned always-on DRM for its PC games, according to an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun. Good news for gamers, who should be able to play the games they pay for how they want, when they want. But bad news for fans of good journalism, because this interview is fucking atrocious. There’s a fine line between being an intrepid reporter who asks tough questions and being a rude jackass who asks leading questions in an attempt to entrap the interviewees, without getting anything of substance out of them. This interview crosses that line.
  • In response to the news about Ubisoft, Kate Cox of Kotaku analyzes the current DRM-and-piracy landscape in the PC space. According to her, people are trying to turn the PC into a closed system, which is a losing proposition. She’s right: people don’t want to deal with that shit. They just want to play their damn games!
  • Devin Faraci of Badass Digest is fed up with the MPAA’s ratings system and thinks it should be overhauled. While I’m no fan of censorship, I’d rather have industry self-regulation than expensive government oversight in this respect. The current ratings system is broken and doesn’t reflect changing American social mores.
  • Ben Westhoff of LA Weekly makes fun of hipster bands. While I like a lot of the bands he lists, I approve of this piece, if only because I fucking hate Pitchfork.

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