I’ve got 3 links for you this week. Quality over quantity, right?

  • Ben Kuchera of the Penny Arcade Report explains why single-player games aren’t dying. In fact, many players of games that are regarded as “multiplayer” experiences, such as Gears of War, never actually go online. I’m not averse to multiplayer – I’ve dipped my toes into Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode and Team Fortress 2 – but for me, nothing beats a finely crafted single-player experience. Many developers recognize that there are thousands of other players like me, so I don’t see single-player going away any time soon.
  • Eggs. So many different ways to enjoy them. Now, research is showing that the way you enjoy them may reflect your personality. For example, boiled egg eaters are more likely to be female, disorganized, and divorced. These are some pretty un-eggs-pected results. (Feel free to slap me in the face for that one.)
  • Casey Muratori explains why Windows 8 is bad for games. Games that receive a rating of PEGI 18 in Europe (which include Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 2, for example) would be banned from the Windows Store and thus would be unable to access the features of the new Metro interface. (They could, however, access the old desktop interface.) Muratori warns that this risks bifurcating game development into markets that develop for the Metro interface and those that don’t. The second market may not be large enough, and so developers may instead simply choose to remove all objectionable content from their games. Hopefully Microsoft takes the time to reconsider their policy before Windows 8 goes live.

That’s it for this week. As always, feel free to leave comments (and angry anti-Microsoft rants) below.