I’m a bit under the weather this week, so I’m up to my eyeballs in chicken soup and used facial tissue. Still, I dutifully bring you this week’s collection of links, both serious and silly.

  • Grant Howitt of The Escapist takes a look at Spec Ops: The Line and how subtle variations in the ambient dialogue contribute to the game’s narrative. I know I say this every time I post about it, but if you haven’t yet played the game, I urge you to give it a whirl.
  • The AV Club’s Todd VanDerWerff makes a case for Alphas being the best show on television about mental illness. VanDerWerff says that the characters’ superpowers are depicted as extensions or counterparts of mental illnesses, without glorifying them. It’s not my read on the show, but it’s an interesting take nonetheless.
  • Dave Stopera of BuzzFeed has a list of discontinued food items, ranging from Sprite Remix to Gatorade Gum. Just for the record, though, French Toast Crunch is still available in Canada.
  • Finally, as a part of the Extra Life gaming marathon to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network, Revision 3 live-streamed a 24-hour gaming session last weekend. One of the games they played was a dating sim available on XBox Live, Don’t Die Dateless, Dummy! Yes, that’s the actual title of the game. You can view their playthrough, complete with dramatic voiceover, here. Prepare to laugh your ass off.

Well, that does it for this week. I’m going to go drink lots of clear fluids and get plenty of bed rest.