Just another sunday. Just another batch of links. You can allow yourself to succumb to existential ennui, like me, or you can read on. The choice is yours.

  • Last month, McDonald’s in Japan ran a special promotion where all of its French fry sizes sold for ¥150 per order, which is much less than the large sizes usually sell for. This led to Japanese youth holding “potato parties” and ordering ridiculous amounts of fries. Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku has the scoop. (I’ve linked to the cached version of the page, since Kotaku is down at the moment because its data centres were affected by Hurricane Sandy.)
  • Who said Dungeons & Dragons couldn’t be useful? As Ed Yong of Discover Magazine reports, Julian Levy, a 12-year-old boy from British Columbia, has used pictures of D&D monsters to track whether humans look at the centres of creatures’ heads or seek out their eyes. He has become one of the youngest people to publish in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Film Crit Hulk hulks out about plot holes this week. Specifically, he thinks that audiences tend to place too high a value on plot logic instead of engaging with the film’s actual narrative. It’s a piece I largely agree with, though I should point out that if a work egregiously contradicts its own established fiction, then it can ruin the audience’s immersion. In any case, peruse the piece to see what you think.

And so this week’s What I’ve Been Reading comes to a close, no nearer to attaining enlightenment than last week.


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